What is GeoEpic?

A GeoEpic is an adventure focusing on outdoor explorations. Touring some of the most exciting and breathtaking locations on the planet. A GeoEpic is a virtual expedition. Besides encountering the thrills of exciting adventures you will hear expedition observations, view maps of the areas explored, and will be exposed to the local community. A GeoEpic discovers where people seek adventure; picturesque mountains, scenic rivers, dramatic oceans, or anywhere individuals go to break the monotony of their daily habits. Be careful though, a GeoEpic may just encourage you to leave your home, and go outside.

California Whitewater Rivers

How would you like to tour some of the greatest whitewater rivers in the western United States? Enjoy the amazing surroundings and the exciting rapids of these rivers before you even take a trip The GeoEpic Whitewater Rivers DVD will take you to several thrilling rivers in California. You can experience almost every mile of scenic rivers, before you even go on a trip yourself. Even if you have no interest in taking a whitewater trip, you will enjoy the picturesque beauty of the nature and historic significance near the wild rivers.

Your GeoEpic?

Geo- prefix Of the earth, soil

Epic n A narrative work celebrating the adventures and achievements of a legendary or traditional hero.

A GeoEpic can take on a few different forms. Either as finished presentations of adventure experiences, or contracted as your own personal adventure documentary. In any case GeoEpic Explorers set out on adventures with cameras in hand, to chronicle the events of the journey. In a pre-produced GeoEpic, experienced adventure guides and explorers create adventure travelogues from time to time that you are able to view to discover new and exciting travels and locations. See and hear guides and adventurers take you on thrilling outdoor excursions. For a personal GeoEpic, explorers accompany groups on nature-oriented vacations to document the events.

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